In Feldenkrais lessons and classes people are given lots of different sensory experiences,

which build a deeper more accurate and more 3 dimensional sense of self [self  image].

Looking at this image of what we call in english the"rib cage", it might appear that there is

very little movement possible in the"cage" and often people [unconciously] very much restrict movement

in this area. Only when the person exerts themselves alot then the muscles of the chest

can begin to loosen and lengthen.

When we slowly begin to actively ingage with the process of breathing. When movement

is introduced that requires movement at the joints of the ribs and sternum and spine.

Then we can expand our sense of what is possible and get closer to what is a more real

accurate sense of self ,develop a self image that is deeper  and more 3 dimensional.

We can feel more of "ourselves".

Feldenkrais work works with the whole person toward a more healthy robust and honest real

sense of self. This is a way to develope an, "art of living", for ones self!



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