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Autumn term offers and schedule

Feldenkrais in Lewes Saturday 1st September free pre-booked introductory classes

Come and find out how a typical Feldenkrais class goes, this is a free trial for those with no previous Feldenkrais experience with me, with a view to regular attendance at one or more of the weekly sessions I offer.

Feldenkrais LewesThe Feldenkrais Method offers a unique and practical way to realise our potential more fully. It is an educational method focusing on learning and movement, which can bring about improved movement and enhanced functioning. It is named after its originator, Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), an engineer and physicist as well as a Judo teacher.

I am Alex Croft and I teach the Feldenkrais Method here in Lewes, East Sussex. My aim is to influence how people move and their perception of how they move, heightening sensory acuity and developing conscious, efficient action, to improve how they feel and at the same time improve their physical presence and communication.

I work with a wide cross section of people of all ages, including actors, people with brain injuries and also children - in fact, anyone who wishes to improve how they move and harness more of their full potential.

Many of the people I work with currently are well into their process of maturation and find relief from tension and stiffness and in doing so find

a sense of calm and ease which can be elusive for people in their everyday lives xx

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